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We are committed to providing high quality childcare programs for infants through school-age children

Summer Programs

Our summer program, Kid Zone, is a school-age program for grades K-5

Our Philosophy

At CDC, our goal is to provide the highest quality child care available, outside of your home, in a familly-oriented environment

All About Us


At CDC, our most important goal is our commitment to provide a "family extension" for high quality childcare.  Because we are committed to this responsibility, we will always maintain an atmosphere of consistency, patience, and understanding with the overall purpose of helping children realize positive self esteem.  

Infant Program (6wks-12mo)

Our infant program is extremely sensitive to the needs of newborns and their parents.  The infant room is designed to offer a small, home-like environment.  It is filled with sunshine, color and stimulating toys that will entice your child to explore his/her surroundings.

The Toddler Program (1yr-3yrs)

The toddler curriculum emphasizes learning through exploration, discovery and play.  The program also concentrates on building physical skills such as dressing, feeding and toilet training.  We also work on skills involving language, socialization, motor, decision making, following directions, as well as color and shape discrimination.

The Preschool Program (3yrs-4yrs)

The preschool child starts to adjust to a flexible curriculum that includes circle/story time, free play, and exploration of specific learning centers.  Your preschoolers will also be involved in art activities, dramatic play, music, nature, as well as continued skill building in academic areas.

The Pre-K Program (4yrs-5yrs)

Our Pre-K program is designed to get our students ready for Kindergarten.  We do this by expanding off of our preschool program.  This includes but is not limited to, exploring colors, letters, shapes, numbers, words, skill building, independence skills and more with hands-on activities as well as implementing the Maine Early Learning Developmental Standards.  

Kid Zone (K-5th Grade)

Kid Zone offers before and after school care as well as a summer program.  Our programs provide safe, stimulating, and convenient care for your children while you work.  We offer age-appropriate activities that include individual and group involvement.  Opportunities for children to do homework is also available.  

Kid Zone Summer Camp

About Our Summer Program


Children's Discovery Center's Summer Program begins at the close of the school year and continues through the end of August.  Summer program activities include individual and group games and play, guided nature hikes that explore the forest and fields surrounding the center, nature programs, hands-on science through Hightouch Hightech, swim lessons, field trips, and adventure activities conducted by experienced staff that require teamwork and self-reliance.  Each summer program is developed around an overall theme with activities and learning opportunities related to this.  

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Children's Discovery Center of Maine

48 Roosevelt Trail, Windham, ME 04062, US

(207) 892-4400